Wild Mushroom Omelette

Introduction: Wild Mushroom Omelette

If you are fortunate enough to have access to the woods, you can probably find some edible mushrooms - especially if you have a good (mushroom) hunting dog.

It's been very wet this past week, so it was easy to find some "meadow mushrooms" (virtually identical to the ones in the grocery store, though about 10 times the size), and "puff balls" - both easy mushrooms for beginners to identify safely.

(However, exactly how to identify edible mushrooms is beyond the scope of this particular Instructable.)

Eat the mushrooms while they're fresh to really take advantage of this seasonal treat.

Step 1: Prepare to Cook

If these are the real thing, (i.e. "wild"), the mushrooms will have to "cleaned" to remove insect damage, excessive dirt, leaves, etc.

Slice up your cleaned mushrooms and sauté them (fry over low heat), in olive oil (or butter).

I like to cook them covered so they sort of steam, too - they cook a little faster and more evenly.

Once the mushrooms are done (i.e. have changed colour & texture), then crack in an egg or two, maybe with some coarse-ground pepper. Garlic (& an onion) certainly wouldn't hurt, if you have it. (Also, this might be a good time to use up the yolks left over from when you made some of my Personal Pavlovas.)

Step 2: Cook & Serve

Stir / scramble the egg(s) with the mushrooms, cover and cook to the consistency you prefer.

Serve immediately on some of that toasted artisanal bread ("Roasted Garlic Oval" is appropriate) - ahh, living off the land!

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