Introduction: Willow Cuttings Free

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Willow Tree Stem Propagation.

Hello all. I want to show you how easy it is to make new willow plants from green wood cuttings. Straight off the tree and back into your garden and they can all be yours for Free..!

First you need a willow tree that is in full green leaf. In your own garden or from a neighbour or even from the country side where one is growing wild.

Step 1: Cutting Willow

You need sharp cutting tools, garden secateurs will do, or a small hand saw. Cut stems which are the thickness of your finger or the thickness of your thumb. Cut stems which are as long and are as tall as a man (6 feet or 2 metres. Tall.) That's all you need to begin with.

Next cut the long stems into shorter lengths about 3 equal parts about 2 feet long. Don't mix-up them up and remember you need to know which end is top and which end is the bottom. Keep some of the green willow leaves. But where the stems go into the water jar, strip those leaves off

Step 2: Growing Roots

I used a glass jar filled with water. I put all the stems into the water and made sure they were all the same way up. Tops in the air and the bottoms in the water jar.

The best way to keep the stems the right way up and oriented is to cut one stem at a time and put cut stems straight into the water jar.

(One stem at a time. Cut and put into the jar.)

Then leave the jar in daylight and look at them every day to see the roots grow and keep adding some water into the jar because the willow stems will suck up the water and drink it dry very quickly.

Over the next few weeks you should see the roots begin to form and grow longer and longer. When the roots are about an 1 inch long, 25 mm. Then the stems are ready for planting where you want them to grow.