Introduction: Wind Block for Camping Cooking

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My friend and I came up with this idea for a foldable wind blocking device for our camp burner, which we usually use to make coffee. We found it very helpful when trying to lit the fire, and also it keeps the heat from moving with the wind which means faster boiling and a more efficient way to use our finite amount of gas.

This is a simple idea, and you can decide which materials to use.


Step 1: Materials!

Let's get to it!

Materials (pic. 1):
1. Sharp tool to cut with

2. Roller

3. Cutting mat (optional)

4. Duct tape (or even better - electrical tape)

5. Cardboard (or any other material you like)

6. Pen and pencil

Step 2: Measures and Cutting

Measures and cutting:

1. Using a pencil and a roller, gently mark 3 identical pieces of 15x20 cm on the cardboard (each piece should be as tall and as wide as your portable burner). (pic. 1)

2. Place the cardboard ontop of the cutting mat, and cut it (pic. 2). Make sure that the angel in which you apply your knife is under 30 degrees, so you get a smooth and clean cut. (pic. 3&4)

Step 3: Tape the Pieces Together

Taping the pieces together:

1. Place 2 pieces of cardboard on top of your cutting mat 0.5cm apart - make sure the distance is even from bottom to top. (pic. 1)

2. Carefully (not to move the pieces) place duct tape so that it covers both sides evenly. Cut it about 2cm longer than the pieces. (pic. 2)

3. Fold the edges of the duct tape around the other side of the cardboard.

4. Flip the cardboard, and place another strip of duct tape using exactly the same method.

5. Repeat the same process to attach the last piece of cardboard. (pic. 4)

Step 4: Final Touches!

Last but not least!

You're all done! (pic. 1)

But before you leave I have one more nice suggestion :) - on the back side of your wind blocker use a pen to write your own check-list of the things you usually take with you (never again will you forget to bring matches!!) or even a few nice outdoor recipies! (pic. 2)

Enjoy your foldable wind blocker!! (pic. 3)

If you like this idea, have any ideas or thoughts - please comment and vote.


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