"Wind Cave" Forts From Sleeping Bags

Introduction: "Wind Cave" Forts From Sleeping Bags

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When I was younger, back during the first time that the 80's were cool (that being the 80's), my parents didn't like to use the air conditioning. It had been invented, but it was expensive and we had better places to spend our money. So, when the warm weather came, we would break out the box fans. We would, of course, always fight over Big Blue, which was an ancient yet powerful fan. Even back then the power switch was fused in the only position that mattered, “maximum”.

With such a powerful tool, we would line up our sleeping bags in a row where we could inflate them in the face of the gale force winds. I’m sure that lesser fans will do quite well, and make a fun personal cave.

If your sleeping bags can be joined together, you could even build a bigger wind cave!

Now, enjoy our movie!

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