Introduction: Wind Chimes V3

Hi All,

I got a request from a family member to make a wind chime. Wind chime project is quite close to my heart as, it is where i started my DIY journey, 3 years back.

I have improved my techniques since then.... In this instructable I will share how to make make "wind chimes" at home....

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • Aluminium Pipes / hollow rods
  • Nylon fishing thread/line
  • 3 to 4" Outer diameter Wooden Circular disk
  • 1 to 2" Outer diameter wooden coin
  • 2x3" wood plank
  • GI Wire
  • 1 Hook


  • Dremel
  • 2 mm drill bit
  • 1 mm drill bit
  • wood stain of choice

Step 2: Chimes Length Calculator

I would like to give credit Mr. Lee Hites who has a very detailed instruction on how to build wind chimes.

I am using his C9 cord A440 calculator. Based on my previous versions, this gives very soothing vibrations around 440Hz....

Important Parameters to calculate lengths and hang point

  • Outer diameter : 0.5
  • Inner diameter : 0.375
  • Materiel : Aluminium

Cut the pipes as per the lengths and drill holes as per the calculator. I choose aluminium as it is easy to cut / drill

Step 3: Holder

I am using 3.5" outer diameter wooden disc.

  • On a paper, draw a pentagon and stick on the wooden disc
  • Drill 1 mm holes using a dremel
  • Using "gi wire" or hard wire or paper clips make loops
  • Fix these loops on the wooed disc as shown
  • You may need to use super glue the loops on the disc

Step 4: Striker and Wind Catcher

Wind Catcher

  • To avoid annoying sound at slow winds, we need the wind catcher to be bit heavy
  • I am using a wooden sheet
  • Drill 1 mm hole to hang it


  • Using carrom coin as striker
  • Keep atleast 0.5" between the chimes and striker
  • Drill hole on the striker

Step 5: Assembly

  • Hang the chime rods from the holder loops using nylon threads
  • Sequence : 1 3 2 5 4 ( increasing lengths )
  • Adjust the heights by aligning
    • Hanging points at same level
    • Chime rods at same level
  • The striker should 1 inch above the smallest chime
  • Hang the wind catcher at appropriate height

Step 6: Testing

Hang wind chimes and test the sound. I am posting test sound on youtube. If you are not able to see on the app, use this link.

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