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I was thinking to make something unique from paper cups....

So after thinking for 1 week i got an idea to make wind chrime from paper cups......

So here it goes i hope you all like it...

Please give your suggestions about it.....

Step 1: Materials Required.

  • Paper cups
  • Beads (its your choice but i have chosen red,golden and purple colour)
  • Cake plate (i have chosen circle shape you can take any other shape as well)
  • Glue
  • Plain paper
  • Chart paper
  • Buttons
  • Paint colours (but i used nail paints because i love to make things with waste materials)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissor
  • Scraf pin holder
  • Scale
  • Pencil

Step 2: How to Make a Paper Quilling Flower

You will need a plain paper,pencil and a round cap.

Now,make a round circle on the paper and cut it with the help of scissor.

Now cut it round by round as shown in the picture.

Start quilling the paper and at the end stick it with the glue.

You will have a paper quilling flower.

I made this 75 you can make it as you wish.....

Step 3: Make Small Square From Cardboard

Take a big square piece of cardboard and cut it into small squares.

Step 4: Now We Start Making Wind Chrime

Now,first you have to do is to take all the paper cups and paint it with off white colour...(its quite messy work )

Then let all the cups to dry for an hour.After,this take your nail paints out and colour the paper cups as you want..

Step 5:

Take a thread and needle make a knot at the end of thread.

now first put 6 golden beads then 5 red beads then 5 purple beads...

Now follow the steps as shown in pictures

I have made it 13 you can do as you wish...

Step 6:

Now take a paper cup and stitch this with it with the hel-p of thread and needle.

you will have to hang this 2 on each cups do this on 6 cups.

And at seventh cup hang only one in the middle.

The middle one is quite different from others.but you can do it as you like.

Step 7:

Now,take a cake plate and spary paint it with your favourite colour.

I have covered the other side with wrapping paper..

I have make a stand on its top for hanging as shown in picture.

Step 8:

Now put glue on the top of paper cups and start attaching it with the cake plate.

One in the middle and others on the corner one by one.

Let it dry for an hour and your paper cups wind chrime is ready...

I hope you all will like it.

Please give your suggestions about it.

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