Wind Proof Your Trash Bins

Introduction: Wind Proof Your Trash Bins

This solution will keep your bins from falling over in bad weather with ease while keeping a minimal asthetic when not in use.


1/4" spool of bungee cord
15" yard stakes

Step 1: Pick Site Carefully

Pick a site with no lines or pipes burried

Step 2: Insert Stake

Insert stake using a dowel.

Step 3: Cut Bungee

Cut bungee cord to size allowing propper tension.

Step 4: Add Hooks

Add hooks and tie a simple knot on both ends.

Step 5: Insert Bungee

Insert bungee cord through anchor loops.

Step 6: Try It Out

Roll bin over bungee and fasten with hooks in front so the garbage man can easily unhook them.

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    2 years ago

    I've used a similar technique recently, but have found that the bungee has perished to the point of breaking in a few weeks of winter. it could be a one off, but I don't think bungee stands up well for prelonged use outside so would consider using a nylon rope if this were for anything long term


    Reply 2 years ago

    I just might. This hasn't been tested for longer than a month yet.


    2 years ago

    Be sure to check with whomever picks up your garbage and recycling before doing this. Where I live, if the bungees are not removed before the truck arrives, they will not be emptied.