Introduction: Child Window Safety Handle

daughter's bedroom is upstairs...

she can open her window but it's dangerous!

we can find factory security knob with key but it's not easy every day (you can lost the key)

i made this handler with a security code to prevent an accidental fall.

there is 600+ combination possibility with 3 rotative coding wheels (6 digits)

it's not a factory knob with easy combination change but if you made it, you will be able to change easily the code!

i made it with the cool freeware 123D design!

the Principe is that:

-in closed mode, the red wheel doesn't let pass the orange washer and the handler just

Rotates without opening the window

-in open mode, the red wheels are positioned that the orange washer can pass and you can push the handler,

it allows the principal axle grip and opening the window

purple fingers lock allows you to lock the code

Step 1: ​print All Componement

print all component,

they are on thingiverse:

you may sand elements To allow a good sliding and a good rotation of the assembly

you need:

-3x M3x12 screws,

-1x M3 nut

-1x M3x35 screw

-a lighter spring


Step 2: The Base Assembly

put the orange axle in the yellow base,

glue the black washer on the orange axle but carefully...don't glue the black washer with the base!

the orange axle-black washer must rotate in the base

Step 3: Handle Assembly

1: you put the 3x M3x12 screw under the top blue part to guide the piece from below when gluing

2: glue the top of the red part and put in the bottom of the blue part

3: put a M3 nut in the bottom of the orange axle

4: put the handle assembly on the orange axle assembly and screw the orange washer with a M3x35

Step 4: Prepare the Top Cap

put M3 screws in the top cap and glue the little washer,

cut a lighter spring at 7mm,

put locking fingers with little spring

put coding wheel in the right code position

(be careful, locking fingers/springs/coding wheels can fall down)

Step 5: Blocking Buttons

push the handler and place the blocking buttons

Step 6: Final Assembly

Put the top back and screw the handle:

the code is in place and the blocking washer is on open mode

Step 7: Mount the Proof Knob and See Your Childs Attempting to Open the Window

Step 8:

Step 9:

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