Introduction: Windscreen Wiper Linkage Clip Repair Fitting Instructions

Windscreen wipers not working? Just one wiper working? Wiper movement erratic? Wiper link keep popping off?

The poor quality plastic rod ends on your vehicles wiper linkages wear causing these symptoms. The poor quality plastic rod ends wear quickly and the wiper push rods pop off of their respective ball joint causing the symptoms noted above.

Our wiper linkage clip is designed as a temporary repair until a new linkage is fitting; however we have had this item fitted on our test vehicles for over a year with no issues! Many customers have had these fitted without fault for months even years. Simply install our precision fit wiper linkage clip and restore your wipers.

Step 1: Step 1- Locate Worn Linkage

Firstly you will need to locate your wiper mechanism and identify which ball joint is causing the issue (on occasions multiple joints can fail). The image shows the location of the wiper linkage mechanism on the Fiat Punto, the linkage will be found here or close by on all vehicles.

You will need to remove the scuttle panel to access the mechanism, on most vehicles you will be able to repair in situe, if not possible or you are struggling to install please remove mechanism and install clip on work bench, this makes the job much easier.

On the mechanism you will likely find a linkage arm hanging off a ball joint as illustrated. Alternatively pull on each ball link to determine which is at fault, the worn link will pop off easily.

Step 2: Step 2- Fit Repair Clip

Lift off loose wiper linkage and slide our clip on to the ball joint as shown.

TOP TIP! If worn linkage arm is symmetrical fit worn end to wiper end and non-worn end to motor end.

For this stage we would recommend wearing protective gloves and goggles to prevent injury when compressing the spring clip.

Holding the rear of the clip so it stays flush on the base of the ball joint, take the linkage arm and put under the front of the clip as illustrated. Maintaining the location of the rear of the clip lift the linkage arm up and push on to the ball joint, this will require some force (remember the tighter the fit the better, preventing the linkage lifting off in future) do not worry the clip will not break under force. Once on the ball joint the clip will release and hold the joint firm. Rotate the clip to the best position to hold the joint. To make the joint extra secure a cable tie can be looped around the clips arms then around the wiper rod.

The clip should hold the joint in place, test by pulling on the joint. If the fit needs to be tighter or looser use pliers to adjust the clip. Operate wipers and check clip doesn’t catch on any other components.

Step 3: Fitment

Our clip will fit ball linkages up to 14mm (measured by the widest part of the ball (as illustrated by the Blue arrow) provided that the base of the ball is 9.5mm or less (as illustrated by the Red arrow). It is possible to file out our clip to fit larger ball joints however results will vary. We list our item by vehicles that we have tested our product on or by vehicles that customers have informed us our product works well with. Our product fits a large percentage of vehicles, as our knowledge of fitment increases our website and listings will update to include all compatible models. If you have had difficulty fitting to your vehicle or need further guidance please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.