Introduction: Wine Box Birdhouse

When your friends or family have an empty wine box like this one and they don't know what to do with it, you can turn it into a great bird house! All you need is a small wine box and a wooden dowel to get started.

Other materials you will need are:
- a pencil
- a ruler
- a small saw
- a drill
- drill bits
- scissors
- a thin but strong rope to hang it by
- a backyard for the bird house
*the dowel should be about 1/2 an inch in diameter and be at least 4 inches long

Step 1: Create the Perch

A) Slide the lid off the box and pull out the handle.
B) Flip the box upside down.
C) Saw your wooden dowel so that it is 4 inches long.
D) Mark where 2 inches below the existing hole in the box is.
E) Start drilling by making a small hole with a small drill bit, and then change your drill bit so that you are using one which has a slightly smaller diameter than your dowel.
F) See if the dowel fits through the the new hole you drilled, and if it almost fits then take a hammer and hit it into the hole far enough that the wooden dowel doesn't move.

Step 2: Add the New Handle

A) Put the lid back on the box and drill two holes in the lid centered about 3 inches apart. You should make the holes wide enough for your rope to fit through.
C) Maneuver the lid half open with both holes still on the inside of the box, then thread the rope through the holes.
D) Cut and tie the rope at whatever length you think will fit your trees or bushes best.

Step 3: Put It in Your Backyard!

You can put twigs or leaves inside your birdhouse if you want, but the birds will change their nest to how they want it to be. And if birds aren't attracted to it, consider building a bird feeder nearby.

Enjoy watching birds make their home!

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