Introduction: Wine Cork Fridge Magnet

I hate to throw things away. Especially if I can recycle them into something useful or cool.

This is a SUPER simple project that you can knock out in 5 minutes and you'll end up with an inexpensive gift or unique memory of a particular bottle. It also makes a great "handle" for a magnet that would otherwise be difficult to remove from your refrigerator without scratching it.

This is my first Instructable. I realize this isn't a rocket ship and I'm sure I'm not the first to make one of these. If you made one first, I promise I didn't steal the idea from you. :)

Step 1: Acquire a Synthetic Cork

A lot of wineries are using synthetic corks for their bottles and many are printing logos and sayings on them. Seems like a shame to let them go to waste. You can beg from friends to find cast-away corks, or you can get them the old fashioned way. I prefer the latter. :)

Step 2:

Step 3: Find/buy Small/Strong Magnets

I got mine from Harbor Freight. Several for a buck on sale. The picture shows three of them in a stack so they're easier to see. You only need one.

Step 4: Select a Drill Bit

I just compared the magnet to the diameter of the bits until I found one that was slightly larger than the diameter of the magnets. The bit will stretch the "cork" as it cuts. when it "relaxes" it will make for a snug fit.

Step 5: Drill the Hole & Dry Fit

Look at your cork and decide which "face" you want to present.

Then drill a shallow hole directly opposite of that face and "dry fit" your magnet. You'll notice that the magnet sits below the surface of the cork. It will be flush when we're done. You want to allow a little room for the glue which will raise the magnet flush with the edge.

You may also notice that the hole is not centered in the cork. If you care about this sort of thing, measure, mark and drill a pilot hole to help find center. I didn't care, so I eyeballed it.

Also, this is a good time to use your (sharp) pocket knife to trim away the excess "cork" material for a clean fit. (Please don't cut off your hand! If you don't know how to safely operate a pocket knife, please ask your grandfather to help with this part.)

Remove the magnet and verify which side you want facing out when you're done by checking its polarity.

Step 6: Check the Magnet's Polarity

Put a sticky note or other piece of paper on your fridge. Stick the magnet to it and put a dot in the middle with a black marker, or fingernail polish, blood from your sharp pocket knife incident (told you to get your grandfather!), etc.

When you glue the magnet in place, the dot will face the inside of the cork. This will insure that you don't glue the magnet in backwards, resulting in a cork that hates your refrigerator.

NOTE: I use the sticky note to help slide the magnet off of my fridge. Those little magnets are tough to grab with your fingers alone and I have a tendency to scratch the stainless steel if I don't use the paper. You can also grab the edges of the paper and pull it off. Don't lose your magnet!

Step 7: Partially Fill the Hole With Hot Glue

Add just enough hot glue to the hole to raise the magnet flush with the edge once it's inserted. Place the magnet (dot-side in) into the cork and let it cool. (Hot glue is hot. Be careful.)

Clean up the excess glue and stick your new cork magnet on your fridge!

NOTE: If your magnet is very strong, you may want to use super glue instead of hot glue.