Introduction: Wine Rack Using Reclaimed Wood


Band Saw / Jigsaw / Table Saw

1. Take apart the pallet

2. Cut 1 24" long piece. a bottle is about 2 7/8" in diameter and I wanted to put at least 7 bottles on the rack so I cut one of the pieces of wood down to 24" in length. That being the shelf you place the bottles on. Total width of the rack will be 26" after adding the side walls of the rack. 

2. Cut 2 16" Side walls. Height of bottles are average 13" so I added another 3. 2 for vertical clearance when adding the top shelf and 1 for the apron that attaches to the glass hanging piece. 

3. Cut 4 support pices 26" long. 1 will be the front face, and 2 on the back for support, and the 4th will be used to hold the wine glasses.

4. Cut 1 inch slits in one of the 26" long pieces about 4" apart or depending on the diameter of the size of your glasses. 

5. I had some extra wood so I cut another 24" long piece and added it to the top as a mini shelf to hold wine bottle openers, whiskey glasses, or to add decorations. 

6. San all your pieces so they are nice and smooth. Pallet wood is usually beat up so cleaning it with a planar or just sanding it down would be nice.

7. attach everything together using nails to give it that rustic look. Nail guns would probably be best, hammering this thing together sucked. 

8. Then add your choice of finisher. 

9. To attach to a wall, get dry wall anchors or have a stud finder and drill through the wood and into the wall. This piece is wide enough to drill into 2 vertical studs. 

I made it at TechShop. 

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