Introduction: Wire Respiratory Mask in 5 Minutes

I made this mask to protect myself and others from coronavirus. This is not perfect, but it is better than nothing.


1. Easy to make

2. Cheap materials

3. Covers you face without any gap

4. Comfortable to wear

5. Easy to replace a filter


1. Very soon it becomes wet from your breathing

2. Protection depends on materials chosen for a filter


This mask is not a perfect replacement for a regular mask. Us it only when you have no mask at all.
Be careful when you change the filter. Wash your hands after removing a used filter. The wire and elastic band might be exposed to aerosol droplets with viruses. Wash them with soap and hot water. When you change the filter your hands have to be clean. Wash them with soap before the change! Be careful, be safe!


1. Aluminum (copper, iron) wire, approximately 16 in (40 cm) length

2. Soft stretch elastic 1/4 in or so

3. Pliers

4. Stepler

Step 1: Bend Your Wire

Shape the wire the way you see on the picture.

Use pliers to make hooks in the tips as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Make Strap(s) for Your Mask

Take a piece (or 2) of a soft stretch elastic.

Overlap and click by stepper on each end.

Now insert the wire to the holes.

Your mask is almost ready.

Step 3: Adding a Filter

I use a filter of 4 paper towels. Others recommend other materials, for example, 8 layers of boiled t-shirts. How many layers is enough? The more, the better. It depends on the material.

Stack them together and put them to your face below eyes.

Put the wire frame with elastic bands to your head. The filter should have no gaps between your skin and paper towels.

Remove the rest of the towel.

Your mask is ready!

You may buy ski glasses to protect your eyes as I did. You should wash your hands, wire and glasses after visiting a dangerous area.