Introduction: Wireless Door Locking System Controlled Via Mobile

About: I am a mechanical engineering student and i like to make creative technical stuff!

About the project:

I made a simple mechanism for opening & closing my pre-installed door latch,and combined it with Arduino Uno via some simple coding.

And made a simple app for controlling it through Bluetooth.

Step 1: Components Required Are As Follows:

1)5V Battery

2)Bluetooth module

3)jumper wires

4)BO motor & pully arrangement

5)Arduino uno

Step 2: Connect the Bluetooth Module to Arduino.

place the motor shield on the arduino.

then connect your bluetooth module to the arduino uno.

connections are as follows.

Tx of BM to Rx of arduino.

Rx => Tx

+5v => +5v

Gnd => Gnd

(here i soldered the Tx & Rx pins to the motor shield pins,u can do this if u dont find a way to connect them)

Step 3: Connect the Motor to the Shield(M1 Port)

Step 4: Connect the Battery(Be Careful About the Polarity)

Step 5: Upload the Code to the Arduino

now upload the code to the arduino,

but before that remove the motor shield(& Tx,Rx if connected to arduino)

code & schematics are given in the description of video :)

Step 6: Dont Want the Android App for It?

download the app from the give link in video description ;)

#how to control the lock?

-install the app

-Turn on the bluetooth & pair your bluetooth with the module(HC-05,03)

-password is generally 1111.

-open the app connect with the bluetooth module.

Now just open the lock,close the lock,open........... :]

Step 7: Enjoy the Locking......

Step 8: Here Is the Link to the Video

Download all the neccessary items from the video.