Introduction: Wireless Elevated Keyboard Holder 1 (WEKH) Made at Chandler TechShop

Here's an alternative to sitting down at your keyboard.  It's called the Wireless Elevated Keyboard Holder or as I like to call it The WEKH1, the one means the first and only one of it's kind. This wireless keyboard has been designed for those of you with back issues like myself. 

The constant siting in one position while working had started to take it's toll on my back, I needed to move around while working. 

So after drafting this idea and building out  the first WEKH1, my back has less pain due to more upright movement. I can stand more and work without being in pain anymore.

This wasn't medically tested or researched before configured, but it has helped to keep me moving at an inexpensive cost.

The materials are inexpensive and should take about an hour to put together.

Step 1: WEKH 1

What you'll need to build your very own WirelessElevated Keyboard Holder 1.

2 Hollowed out metal mini tubes (4in. in length, ex. 1)
Corrugated 1/2 thick cardboard flat (can substitute with wood, ex. 3)
1 cardboard tube (4in. wide or 6in., ex. 4)
12 inches of wire, no house hold string will work due to durability.
2 pieces of flat 1in. metal to help support the inner tubing (ex. 1)
1 vent metal hose (ex. 2)

Pictured Below.....

Step 2: WEKH 1

Step 1   draw a 5in. circle in the middle of the corrugated flat.
Step 2   insert one hole 5 inches from the top and bottom of tube
Step 3   insert metal hollowed rods in tubing
Step 4   insert tube down into the corrugated flat
Step 5   cut 4 pieces of 6in. wire and insert one into each hollowed out rods,
               hangin out of tube.
Step 6   take the other two pieces and around the hollowed out rods, sticking out of tube.
Step 7  place metal vent hose over tube and punch a pen hole through
              vent hose pulling the wire out of the vent hose and tying the wire together.
Step 8  take the next two wires sticking out of tube and pull through the top/bottom of corrugated flats
             and tie through the metal flats as shown in ex. WEKH3. (punch little pen holes in flats for wire.)
Step 9 now place wireless keyboard on top of corrugated flat and start typing.

This was made at the TechShop Chandler, Arizona

Step 3:

Step 4: