Introduction: Screen Printing Made Easy @ Made It at the TechShop Chandler

Screen printing t-shirts may sound complicated, but this easy screen print method is a snap. Screen printing is a great way to print lots of shirts (Tee's, Polo's, Jackets) with the same design. Follow these step-by-step instructions and you'll be printing like a pro in no time.

What you'll need to get started.......

Stencil (image to be transferred to garment stencil or screen)
Printing Ink (any craft store will carry, ex. joanns, michaels)
Squeegee (used to push ink through stencil onto garment)
Tee Shirt (any garment will do, if using leather remember to mix hardner into ink to better adhere to material)
Plastic Frame (multiple printing)
Tape (masking tape will do, no scotch tape)

Step 1: The First Easy Step!

.Step 1.

Choose a Design

First, you'll need to choose what design you want to screen print. Choose a design that will be easy for you to trace over. Simple designs are easier and use less ink,  You can draw your own image, or find an image you like online. Think about how big you want your image and where you want it to be located on your shirt.   (Simple One Color)

Step 2: The Second Easy Step!

Step 2

Position Silkscreen Stencil or Screen on t-shirt. Use a plastic frame for multiple printing or for preventing ink from going on the t-shirt. Attach stencil to plastic frame with tape.

Note: Place a piece of cardboard or paper inside the shirt to prevent the ink from bleeding through the other side.

Spread a generous line of Fabric Screen Printing Ink on the top part of the stencil/screen.

Spread screen printing ink with squeegee.

Step 3: The Third Easy Step!

Step 3

Lift your Stencil or Screen to reveal your design.

Before the ink dries, quickly rinse the Screen/Stencil with acetone.

Completed custom screen printed t-shirt!

When the ink has completely dried, heat set shirt with a dry iron or heat press.