Introduction: Wireless Switch 3 Channels

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In my previous tutorial, I made a wireless switch using ESP8266. the article can be read here "How to Make WiFi Switch Using ESP8266".

In that article, I only made a one-channel wireless switch.

And in this article I will show you how to make a wireless switch that has more than one channel.

For example I will make a three channel wireless switch.

For the material used, it is still the same as the previous article. But it is necessary to add Resistors and LEDs to the switch indicator.

Step 1: Required Component

The components you need for this tutorial:

Step 2: Assemble All Components

here I use 3 ports from esp8266.

that is :

D0 as Led 1

D1 as Led 2

D2 as Led 3.

for the one-channel and 3-channel schemes only differ in the number of LEDs used. so the picture above can already represent the scheme for a rank of 3 channels.

Step 3: Programming

the switch that I made can only be used on a local network. because I didn't involve the internet to make this switch.

I have provided a sketch that can be downloaded below

Step 4: Access Webpage

Here is how to operate this wireless switch:

After Sketch uploaded successfully

  • Open the Wifi menu on the android phone
  • Connect an android phone to SSID "NodeMCU"
  • Open Serial Monitor on Arduino
  • See the IP address displayed
  • Open the browser on an android phone
  • Enter the IP address on the monitor serial (

Then a web page will appear to control the LED

Step 5: Result

To turn on the LED, press the "on" button

To turn off the LED, press the "off" button