Introduction: Wireless Water Leak Sensor

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In this instructable I will demonstrate how to build your own water Leak Sensor with Temperature Sensors ,Alarms and Notifications vía Twillio ..It is surprisingly simple so this will be a really short Instructable.

Step 1: The Board Design

I Designed a really small board that can be fit into just about anything ..With a Power jack but we are going to use a Particle Electron with Battery..I will last a very long time as the Particle will be asleep until there is an event and then it will wake up send an alarm.. You can reset the alarm by sending the Particle a number 1 via the Particle app..

I have my PCBs manufactured by they are great and produce quality PCBs very quickly and quite economically ..You can just upload the gerber file to them and have your PCB within 7 days..

Step 2: Sensor Design and Box Build

The Box Design is surprisingly simple.. I had a left over box from another project and just drilled 6 holes evenly spaced into the box then inserted 6 10/32 by 1.25” bolts into it.. I then had 6 little stake-ons with wires crimped on. And zig-zagged the wires so that no matter where the water went under the box it would make contact and send the takes a few minutes for the box to wake up and connect to the cellular network before sending the alarm but that’s ok. I have developed a water shut off box as well that would automatically shut the water off to the house if an alarm went off ...but that is a whole other instructable..

Step 3: The Programming ..and Testing

I will include a text file of the Web hooks needed for sending your alarms as well as Gerber files for the boards..I am a big particle enthusiast as it is really low cost and programmable from anywhere which is a real bonus when tweaking your programs.. When using a Particle Electron it is advisable to Program and upload the program via a computer as opposed to using the On Line IDE as you will use data using the remote upload..

In the Particle IDE simply click on the little cloud upper left corner of code file..It wiil download the code to your downloads file folder

If you are using a linux computer

simply open a terminal and type

"cd downloads"

then type in

"particle flash --serial firmware.bin"

put the particle into listening mode by holding down the little button (the other one not the reset) and follow instructions..If you haven't done this before there are instructions on how to do it here

You will need a Particle account
Http:// (Free)
And a Twillio Account
Http:// (One month Free)

There are instructions on both sites on how to get the required information that you need to continue.

the Particle Code is here ..You can change it all you want

Step 4: Testing

..Thanks for reading

contact me via this site if you have any questions I will be happy to answer any that you have ..

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