Introduction: Wish Washer 2000

The washer you wish you could have..

Step 1: Materials

You can make your wish washer as with many stations as you want, but I would only recommend 3. You will need 1 main/middle bowl/tub that is larger than the others, and two sub-bowls that are gonna be sticking to the main bowls by the sides. It would be best for the sub-bowls to have handles to be able to stick to and have holes, hence the picture.

Step 2: Pasting Them Together

You can use anything that connects and holds the materials, For example I used Glue and I realized it needed reinforcement so I added tape ontop!

Step 3: Conclusion

Here is the end, after you let it dry. Here is how it works, you open the packaged fruits and vegetables or any of those and you put them in one small one, wash them, put vegetable and fruit soap and then dump it in the deep tank which is supposed to be filled with water and then you put them in the final and let them dry out. Ta-da!