Introduction: Witch 1

This is the first of 3 witches we made this Halloween, my husband and I decided that this year our Halloween would have to be on a tight budget , but that didn't mean it had to be boring or unoriginal!!

It took me 32 minutes to make this witch from head to toe :)

And it was all made under 5 dollars


Styrofoam head
3 wire hangers
Small pillow
Broom sticks
Duct tape
Elmer's glue
Paper towels
Newspaper (chin, nose)

(Optional: gloves,stripes hosiery, some kind of shoe )

Step 1: Face

Grab your styrofoam head , roll up a little newspaper to add a chin and nose, mix a little glue and water in a bowl, dip paper towels all over the face , taking your time to develop the eye area, nose, chin, moles, detail is key!! When your ready move on the painting, I used green and red acrylic paint ( around the eyes) and black marker to draw some extra details, for the eyes it was kind of an ordeal I thought of leaving them white... ( creepyyyyyy) but it didn't seem finished , then I added some of those eye golf balls the plastic ones and I didn't like it at all!!! so it's all trial and error you guys finally , I found squishy eyeballs in my Halloween stash ( score) they worked!!!! Grab an old wig hot glue it on and move on to the body

Step 2: Body

Put 3 wire hangers together by opening up 2 (making it like shoulders and hands duct tape the middle add a small pillow in the middle ( body like structure) sew it to the wire middle hanger , now grab a broom and attach it to the wire hangers as if they were holding on to the broom, make sure to wrap the wire around securely, add a black dress , and a cape , now attach the styrofoam head to the very top of the styrofoam , at this time you can add some hosiery to the pillow ( yes stuff them and put them on the pillow making them legs) , pull the legs back and secure them on to the broom w plenty of duct tape!

NOTE: I love wire hangers and duct tape so that's why I use them w all the little Halloween prop things oh and broken broomsticks ( seriously) the best things to work with are often the ones we overlook! Lucky for you I don't :)

Step 3: Done!

Thrown some fish line on the broom and display it anywhere in your house indoor / or out!!! Enjoy!!! And as always HAPPY HAUNTINGS!

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