Introduction: Sitting Witch

This Halloween my husband I decided to make a little coven of witches , all with stuff we had around the house and by we I mean me lol, we tried to keep a very very minimum on spending because we wanted to spend the rest of that budget on lotsa candy for the kids and I love challenges!!! This is my second witch and here's how it went!!

This prop cost me a total of less than 10 dollars!


Duct tape
Glue gun/glue sticks
3 wire hangers
Old body pillow
Old wig
Styrofoam head
Old rags
Creepy cloth (from my Halloween stash)
Broomstick or something to use as her body support
Duct tape
Trash bags
Elmer's glue
Acrylic paint

Halloween lights

Step 1: Face

First start by mixing a little of your your glue and water together (paper maché like) , now start soaking pieces of paper towels to begin defining her face shape, cheekbones, moles, be creative do tons and tons of layers to sculpt high cheekbones and eye sockets, keep a blow dryer handy to keep the process moving along ( I decided to use a little newspaper to sculpt a long crooked nose and lots of moles) I started painting right away I used an olive green and a bright green acrylic paint with an old sponge , I brightened up some areas and added a couple teeth , I decided to add the hard plastic eyeballs..... ( wasn't crazy about it at first ) so I decided to add more paper towels concoction around the eyes

Step 2: "The Body"

I covered my body pillow in a black trash bag ( I want to re use this pillow next year) duct taped the middle for a cinched waist.
I made a t structure w the 3 hangers and stuck the head in the very top. I made shoulders outta newspaper, think football gear, duct taped everything together.

Step 3: Outer Wear

I used an old pair of curtains I scored at goodwill for this witch, I sewed them together to make a shall and skirt, I threw a creepy cloth I had from my Halloween stash, add a hat and your almost ready, now the step is kinda tricky what to do with the hook like arms?? Well you could 1. Make hand by either buying some zombie or green hands and stuff them with newspaper or some filling of sorts.2. You can paint some latex gloves green and duct tape them on, or you can add a cauldron and hook the hands in the cauldron. To make sure it stays ( like I did) drill two holes ( one in each side) pull the hanger through there and cover it w the cloth voila!!! Throw in some Halloween green lights and it will have an eerie glow at night!!


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