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A Wicked Witch indeed!!
This Ible is a companion piece to my Spellbook cake and my Rice Krispies Treat candles. Before I begin, let me tell you something funny. It was a few weeks ago that I was asked to create a Unique Halloween cake for Witches Night Out. Well, I was setting at the table watching as many Witchy movies as I could for inspiration, so I grabbed my foam head and 5 pounds of fondant and began sculpting. Well, I only had a small light on and I am Sculpting away ,almost finished I set the head down. Just about that time my Phone rings, now mind you it has a Creepy witch cackling for the season. Well needless to say I swung my arm and the head went flying and smashed my newly sculpted face all up. So I Picked it up and a little pissed at myself (No, I didn’t say I pissed myself but almost). I tore off all the mashed fondant and trashed it and started again. Goes to show you that crap hits the fan for us all. I liked the second go around better so there you have it!
Just have fun, no matter what!
Now this Witch's head could be made of Cake, you would just create a support add a layerd cake and carve to form shapes, then coat with chocolate ganache and chill well before adding fondant and sculpting.


Step 1: The Goodies

Foam head or Rice treat head
White fondant 5 lb
Sculpting tools for working on food
Corn starch
Working mat
Paint brushes used only for food
Gel food colors ( I used 2 shades of green, Golden yellow, black, brown, red, white, light blue)
Fondant roller
Paper towels
Crumpled up piece of paper or aluminum foil
Towel (one ok to get food color on) used to cradle head

Step 2: Preparation

The steps used to create this Ible can be achieved whether or not you are using fondant or clay. Just always remember to keep tools for food safety separate that’s it. If you use air dry products keep a plastic bag nearby and cover until you are finished. Take the foam head and begin putting a thin layer of fondant all over the head. Use the eye, nose and mouth locations aid you in facial locations for the Witch.
After it is covered I took the crumpled foil or paper and start pressing in to create texture. You can shape the paper to get the angles you like.
It may not look like much now, but trust me when you apply the colors later it will matter a great deal.

Step 3: Sculpting the Eye Area

Where the eye areas are you want to create a ball of fondant that looks good in the socket. Now cut the ball in half. Place each half in a socket and check for fit. If it looks good place a little vodka in the back of the half and press into place. Try not to disturb the front.
Now all we do refer to your subject's picture. Marke snakes these are used to create the folds and wrinkles of the face. We use the vodka to attach and a modeling tool to press and form onto the fondant surface. Don’t over think it!!! You isolate an area and work on it, building up the fondant and the shape. This Witch has sagging jowls that connect to the under eye-cheek area.

Step 4: Creating the Mouth

Locate the mouth area on the head. This area will be larger than the foam head, mouth, but you still use the location. Looking at my reference photo I needed to build up the jowl area and open a space for the lips and teeth. I roll out snakes and start forming them on the side of the mouth like nesting c shapes. If you look at the pictures you will see how they lay. Simply press the edges of the c shapes to blend them together, add a little vodka to glue in place. Let me say that unlike realistic human faces we are sculpting fantasy be deliberate in your design and don’t stress on looking natural you have lots of room for whimsy.
I never stress of this type of creature because once it is painted, it is the uneven lines that develop the grotesque nature. You will see the red lines on the photo these represent the little snake coils layering them gives us the depth. Always turn the head to view the profile this will help you decipher the depth. Let’s move on to the chin.

Step 5: Sculpting the Chin

The chin is simply just a chunk of fondant sort of like a half bar of soap. About 1” to 2” thick and just pressed on to the chin area and blended in. I stretch and push back this creates wrinkles. I blend in to lip area. Press inward at the bottom edge to form. Then, with a sculpting tool make an indent in the center, creating a small line to create a cleft chin. Blend in adding more wrinkles. When you finish you can add a little support behind the chin to bow it outwards.

Moving on!

Step 6: The Nose

This is by far the funniest part of creating the Witch. The nose will complete the caricature and shed some light on the personality. Thin distinctive and pointed reveals sinister and creepy then full and bubble like seems sweet and somewhat compassionate. Add this pointed, thin, snarling nose to a mouth full of pointed teeth and a pair of evil brows and eyes and this Witch is Bad Ass. She looks like she will cast the worst spell ever and we’ll dinner is no concern to her, your it! Take a piece of fondant and roll into a teardrop, the size will depend on your desired look. Mine was about 3” long because it has an ark in it and will hang just below the top lip and cover the Philtrum. I created two small balls that will become the nostrils. Once placed on the sides I pressed the nose in place with vodka. Paying close attention to the location and the detail. Use the crumbled paper to make wrinkles. Then, with a sculpting tool, poke holes in the underside of the nostrils, blending the edges. Take small snakes of fondant and place between the eyes and up into the forehead, but just level with the brow bone. Place a piece of dry fondant or paper towel piece under the nose to hold it out and in an ark, till it dries well. You can put in a toothpick for added support. See pictures.
Moving on.

Step 7: The Ear

See pictures for better detail. Take a piece of fondant and create a cylinder 2” long. Begin flattening out and forming shape. With a sculpting tool start pressing all around the edges creating the folds of the ears. Follow pictures to create more details. Use crumpled paper to add wrinkles front and back.
Foil can be used to cradle ears until they have stiffened some. Please a little vodka on and secure to the side of the head with toothpicks in angles so ear doesn’t slide. Let set and dry. I save mounting my ears till the very last.

Step 8: Neck

You will have already added the base fondant and added surface wrinkle texture now just apply to snakes of fondant at the throat area just under the jaw behind the chin. Place left and right and all the way down to the bottom edge of the foam head. Blend in and connect with vodka.

Now that all the features are added and secure go back and blend or add small bits of fondant if needed to complete the look. Tiny balls of clay are added to look like moles. You can use sculpting tools to add texture. Remember to turn the head around to see profile features should be exaggerated Creating the best illusion.

Ok, let’s get this Witch colored and on her way to your cake table.

Step 9: Giving Her Color

Now we are in the home stretch!! Even though this Witch is green the process is the same for any color you choose. Gel food coloring, Vodka and a couple paint brushes (dedicated to food). Remember, lighter color surface and deeper colors for crevices. I start with a medium to dark green thinned with vodka or you can use airbrush food color. With a large brush, apply all over. I then take a cotton towel damp with vodka and wipe off. This leaves a dark color in the wrinkles. Black is used in really deep areas like the eyes, etc. Now a little golden yellow is applied in high areas like brow bone, cheek, nose and lime green overall. . Wipe off some until you get the desired look. Play around with your color. Brown in some areas, purple looks really cool under eyes and ear area. Moles look good with reddish brown. Black in the deep parts of the mouth and I used white on the eye with baby baby blue iris and a dark black pupil. Outlined in black and green. See pictures.

Let color rest, lightly dust with cornstarch, place on dollar store black hair piece and Witches hat and there you have it a creepy head for any creepy table.
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