Introduction: Wizard of Oz Cupcake Pullapart

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When I was a little girl Wizard of Oz was my favorite movie. I always wanted those beautiful ruby slippers. I recently watched the movie with my 3 kids and wanted to create something fun. The window is made of edible glass and the rest is made with gumpaste. The window is a little cloudy but you can see the candlelight through the window in the pics.

Step 1: You Will Need:

edible airbrush paints (black, red, yellow, and brown)
foodsafe paintbrushes
skewer (2)
wilton brownie square silicone mold
red sanding sugar
brick impression mat (You can find it at michaels or Amazon)
green icing in a bag with grass tip
a tiny bit of yellow icing (to keep the shoes in place)
piping gel
isomalt - clear

Step 2: Make the Isomalt Window

To learn how to handle isomalt in a safe and effective manner please refer to my instructable on edible glass. Microwave the the isolmalt and carefully pour it into the square silicone mold. Let harden.

Step 3: To Make the House

Roll out the gumpaste. Cut a rectangle the size you want the "house" to be. Gumpaste dries out very quickly , you can put some plastic wrap over it while you re getting your tools together or if you have to take a phone call or something like that. Use a ruler or skewer to make lines in the gumpaste to look like planks of wood, then scratch in some wood grain and us the back of a paintbrush to make little dips that will look like knots in the wood. Cut a hole a tiny bit smaller then the size of  isomalt square that you made. Put the window in and gently push the gumpaste sides towards the "glass". Let dry. Paint the wood, be careful to not get brown on the glass window. Cut very small pieces to make the window frame and glue with just a tiny bit of piping gel. Paint the window a little lighter shade of brown.

Step 4: Make and Paint Shoes and Legs

Start off with 2 same size little balls, roll them into snakes. Make sure that they are not too big compared to your house.Bend the end to look a little like a foot. This part will go into the cupcakes to keep them in place. For the shoes take two tiny equal parts of gumpaste. Shape the toe and foot part first. Then add on a tiny heel. Glue on with tiny bit of water. The shoes are the hardest past for me , i am not a good sculptor. Just do your best, it will be cute.  Paint the shoes with red airbrush paint and then quickly sprinkle the sanding sugar on the shoes. Carefully paint stripes on the legs. Let dry.

Step 5: Make Yellow Brick Road

Roll out a piece of gumpaste or fondant, press the mat on real good to ensure all of the detail transfers onto it. Use a pizza cutter to cut a "path" .  Paint with yellow airbrush paint, be sure to get into all the cracks and edges.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

To make the cupcake pullapart,first arrange the cupcakes how you want them to be on the board. Put a small amount of icing or piping gel on the bottom of each cupcake so they dont move around while you are icing it and transporting it. Frost the cupcakes. Place the yellow brick road on them, cut off the excess road. Make sure that the cupcakes are well chilled. Cut or brake 2 skewers to hold up the house. Place the house and the skewers will hold it up. Pipe some green grass on both sides of the road and up against the house. Place your legs up as close to the house as you can.

Put a tiny bit of yellow icing to hold the shoes in place. Clean up any icing that you dont need or red sugar that might have fallen off. I used a qtip. That's it, you are done. There's no place like home.

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