Introduction: Wood Desk Table


First of all, please excuse my English, this is not my first language.

In this instructable I will show you how I made my desk table. I made it because my wife and I have both a computer but we had two seperate desks and when we were working or playing together on the computer, we weren't close enough and it wasn't comfy.

As in my previous instructables, this one is made with tools that every one have at home. You can do it with better tools but it works great also with basic one.

Think safety first! Use gloves and protection glasses to avoid injury!

You will need :

- Safety Equipment (gloves and glasses)

- Wood planks (I used 14 planks 240*12*3cm)

- Wood trunnions (~40)

- Water resistant wood glue

- Brackets

- Screws

- Circular saw (table saw is better)

- Drilling machine

- Clamps

- Screw driver

- Sand paper (belt sander is better)

- Webbing

Step 1: Find Your Wood and Cut It

First of all, you have to find some wood.

I have bought pine planks used for siding but it worked great for me. The only issue was that they were chamfered and I wanted a completly plane table.

So I started by cutting the chamfer on the planks needed for the top. 5 were cutted on both sides and I kept 2 planks with one side chamfered for the external (more confortable an chamfer than an edge for your arms).

This was not easy because I did it with my circular saw. If you can use a table saw, do it!

I also cutted the planks for the legs (Mine were 72cm long, measure a table you think is at the correct height in your home and use the same height).

Step 2: Create the Top

Take your top planks and put them side by side to see if they match together. I did not put the begin of the planks at the same level because they were not exactly straight and the matched better that way.

Once you are happy with the position, mark a number on the planks to keep them in order.

Also mark 3 or 4 lines on the planks. They will be used to make holes for the trunnions.

Seperate the planks and make a hole the diameter of your trunions in the middle of the tickness were you have the marks on all planks.

Step 3: Glue the Top

Put some glue in the holes and put the trunnions inside. Add glue on one of the two planks to glue and press them together. Do it again for all your planks to create your table top.

Now you have to tight it correctly to have a solid assembly. I used webbing to press the planks together and other planks with clamps to avoid any curving. Let it dry at least 24h.

Becarefull to not tight to much the planks, you may damage them were the webbing are.

Step 4: Create the Legs

Legs are just 4 small planks glued together. Do it 4 times...

Step 5: Sand It!

When every thing is dry, remove all clamps and sand everything!

It will take a lot of time to sand the table top because planks are not completely planed. If you have a belt sander, use it!

If you have small space between planks, you can fill it with mixed glue and sawdust. Let dry and sand it.

Step 6: Cut Top to Lenght

I have put the top on the legs to have a preview.

At this step, you can cut the top at the correct lenght. I wanted to be 2m20 long but I had to cut it at 2m because it wasn't plan enough for me at the extremities.

Step 7: Strengthening

Put the legs on the table and measure the distance between them.

Cut planks to the correct length and height (mine are 5cm high) and fix them with the brackets. You can add one or to in the middle for a very strong table.

Then glue and fix the legs with the brackets.

(You can see on the pictures that I have screwed 2 large planks on the bottom. It was before removing the webbing because I was scarred that the table top will move. I think this is not necessary, this is why I didn't mentionned it before)

Step 8: Enjoy Your Desk Table

You can add a finish to protect and/or color your desk. I used mineral oïl to keep the wood color and still have no issue with food contact if I eat in front of my computer.

Install your desk table and work hard!

Do not hesitate if you have any question!

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