Introduction: Girafe String Art

I was invited by my godmother for the weekend and my wife and I were looking for a gift for her son.

My wife found a model on the internet for a string art girafe. So we did it!

You will need :

1 wood plank (made my own with 3 small ones)

1000+ small nails

Small hammer


Different string color

Optionnal :


Step 1: Optional Step

The optional step must be done first.

As it was a gift, we wanted to put my godmother's son's name on the board. I have a friend that just bought a CNC so he engraved the name on the board.

It is easily done and the result is really great!

Step 2: Nail It

Now comes the first real step.

Hammer time!

Put your model on the board and tight it up with some nails.

Then follow your model, with as much as possible, the same space between nails.

Use the tweezers if your fingers are too big (which will happen).

Step 3: Remove Model and Start Weaving

Once you have put all your nails (I have a bit more than 1000), remove your model.

Becarfull to not remove nails or leaving small peace of paper.

Once it is done, select an area to begin and knot the first string.

Step 4: Knot, Weaving, Next Area

This part is not difficult but is quite long.

Weave your string around all nails to fulfill the area between them. Cut the string and go to the next area.

After few hours (about 10 hours from step one for me), you should have finished and you can enjoy your piece of art.