Introduction: Wood Mold (Glue and Saw Dust)!

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I wanted to make an emblem out of wood that would be easier and lighter than ceramic (plaster) or an epoxy and had the mold already made out of a silicon mold material.

Using saw dust from MDF and wood glue I made a mixture that resembled a tooth paste.

See the next step to see how I set out to make a sand-able, light weight, wood emblem.


MDF Sawdust, dirt free, (MDF sawdust is like a powder and is what I used for this project).

Wood Glue

A silicone mold (a quick search for "silicone mold" will provide several like I used), to mold an item you want light weight, paint-able and can be sanded by hand to shape edges.

A small container to mix (preferably disposable, or if you let it sit and dry up you can pop out the left over and reuse the container).

A mixing stick (I used a toothpick).

A clean flat surface to allow it to dry/harden.

Step 1: Mix and Mold

I used about half and half of both saw dust and glue.

Work fast and mix.

Press a small amount into the mold and press into the details, then back fill the mold until it is to a level that fills you mold.

I pressed with my fingers until the mold was compact and pressed out all voids.

The next part is the hardest to estimate. Let the mold fill dry COMPLETELY.

I let mine sit for an entire day in the garage in the heat.

You might have to let it dry longer.

Step 2: Carefully Pop Out the Wood Mold

Once dry, very carefully flex the silicone mold around the edge, pry and slowly pop out each detail to remove the wood mold from the Silicone Mold.

Let this side dry a bit more and it should now be a hard, paint-able and light sanding can clean the edges.

Have fun...try a mold of something you like and experiment with the mixture level, add a stain, or even some glitter !?

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