Wood Planter With Casters

Introduction: Wood Planter With Casters

For a school assignment, I have decided to make a wooden planter with casters. With the quarantine, I was not able to go out to buy supplies so I used some wood lying around in the house.



  • wood planks
  • 2'' caster wheels (4)
  • 6d 2'' nails (30)
  • #6 1'' screws (12)


  • hand saw
  • circular sander
  • hammer
  • screw driver
  • power drill

Step 1: Measure and Cut

The measurements:

  • A: 26'' x 5.5'' x 0.75'' (2)
  • B: 26'' x 2.75'' x 0.75'' (2)
  • C: 10'' x 5.5'' x 0.75'' (2)
  • D: 10'' x 2.75'' x 0.75'' (2)
  • E: 26'' x 11.5'' x 0.75'' (1)
  • 2'' swivel caster (4)

Cut the wood to the measurement using hand saw.

Use the circular sander to adjust the size and smooth the surface.

Step 2: Assemble

  1. Attach the two D's to E to the two short ends using 2 nails each.
  2. Attach the two A's to E to the two long ends using 7 nails each.
  3. Attach the two C's on top of the D's using 2 nails each.
  4. Attach the two B's on top of the A's using 4 nails each.
  5. Attach the swivel casters on the bottom of E, one on each corner, using 3 screws each.

Step 3: Complete

The planter is now complete and you can put in flower pots inside. You can move the planter to your place of preference.

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    1 year ago

    For using only what you had on hand, this turned out looking very good!