Introduction: Wood Stool

About: Hey! My name is Roey Leon, from Tel Aviv, Israel. On my free time, as a hobby of mine, I love building stuff from scratch. It always starts with a crazy idea, and then I realize that it`s too Dangerous / Unach…

I need a stool in order to get to the higher shelves in my closet, so what`s a better solution than building one! :)

Hope u enjoy

Step 1: Materials

A whole bunch of Pine wood - different sizes - depends on the size of stool u want to make

Step 2: Prepare Outer Case

Cut the desired size and attach using screws

Step 3: Upper Frame

Step 4: Upper Pine Wood

The upper pine wood u plan to stand on must be constructed solid to the wood frame - i used Glue and Screws

Step 5: Wood Seal

I added wood seal in order to cover all holes on the sides ( from the screws ) - when they are hidden it is better looking

Step 6: Attach Front Panel

I added a front panel - looks better with it

Step 7: Sand the Wood Seal

Sand the wood seal abrasive - and give it a smooth feel

Step 8: Apply Final Coat of Paint (Schlicht)

I used a coating of Schlicht, it had a rugged surface and the overlook look ( once it`s dry ) will be like stone


Step 9: Paint the Upper Pine Wood

In order to give it a nice finish i decided to paint it in brown

Looks good and came our very steady.

Hope u enjoy