Introduction: Window Pot

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Soo... i love plants - the green ibn my eyes gives me good feeling.

So in my bathroom, i have a small window, and as you guess, it needed some decoration - soo here goes another pot planter

Step 1: Cut the Frame

I user an old MDF parquet floor that i found on the street.

Although it`s not the best ( or at all ) material to use for pots ( since u use water and it can swell up )

But i found a solution - cover the internal body with nylon - and your protected

Step 2: Drill Holes for Drainage

A well known rule! every pot needs a good drainage in order to survive.

So drill a few holes in the bottom for all the water to go away quick

Step 3: Gluing Time!

I used the Titebond glue.

Very strong !

Step 4: Hold It Tight!

Attach the sides and hold it tight using clamps!

Leave it like this for 24 hours !


I sanded a bit with sanding paper the sides ( where i applied the glue ) since the surface of the MDF is tricky to glue- after u sand it, it is much granulated.

Step 5: Create Legs

You need a bit of "space" between it and the ground that it sits on - so i created small legs for it to stand on

Step 6: Start Planting

Pick your favorite plants and plant it

Hope u enjoyed - it came out great