Introduction: Wood Third Hand

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This is a project i did a long time ago but i think it worth to share at least the idea because the procedure is pretty simple. It's a cheaper way to create a Third hand or Helping Hand that is very useful to hold parts or cables in order to apply tin solder or to do other tasks.


  • 2 pieces of square wood (3,2 ft long each one)
  • 2 thicker pieces of wood (0,6 long x 0,1 wide/feet)
  • Metallic angle supports (at least four)
  • Some screws
  • 1 piece of thick wire
  • A plastic clothespin (the one with clips on the end)
  • And additional clip for the middle part
  • Black paint

Step 1: Helper Structure

This ones are the measures and the way i cut the pieces of wood, as you can notice the pieces in the center are bigger than the others, that's with the sole purpose of make the base heavier to give stability to the device.

I attach the center part with two metallic angles and some screws. After this i can paint the wood.

Step 2: Cut the Clothes Hook

In this step we will make a cut on the clothespin (exactly at the red line that you saw on the picture) just to get rid of the curve part that doesn't will have any use and we will attach to one of the wood segments with two screws.

The center clip (the black one) will be attached to the base.

Step 3: Support for the Devices

For the welding gun we will use the thick wire, bend it a little then make a hole with a drill and put it in there.

And for the "Soldering cream" we put three nails that can surround the plastic container.

Step 4: It's Ready!

And this is everything. Now you can use it in order to hold all the things that you will use on your projects.

Step 5: Critiques and Possible Improvements

  1. The center part could have been shorter.
  2. The clips must have been flexible.