Introduction: Phone Light

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With this project i just want to do a light device for my smartphone.


  • Led light strip (white).
  • Wood box.
  • Soldering wire.
  • Connection wires.
  • Soldering gun.
  • Some nuts and bolts.
  • 12 volt power supply cable.

Step 1: Procedure

I take the measures of my cell phone and punch a hole trough the wood box. After this i put some white paint over it.

Step 2: Placing the Lights

Split the light strip, i divide it in segments of 3 each. Take the total distance of the remaining surface and spread the light segments in a uniform way.

Step 3: Place the Power Supply Connection

In this step i punch another hole (with a drill) in the lower right part of the wood to place the holder of the 12 volt connection.

Step 4: Soldering the Lights

Be careful to place the positive an negative poles of the strip to the same polarity, i usually test the light every time i place soldering wire.

Step 5: And That's It...

This is the way it look the device when is finished. After that i just try to set up a bolt and some screws to put the light on a tripod.