Introduction: Wood Tray

In this project, I made wood tray using two different types of wood. Pine and Luan.

Step 1: Design on Easel

First, I used Easel to design the sides of the tray. Tray 1 Tray 2

For the First Tray, I had the dimensions of 12 in by 9 in with a height of 2.5 in. The thickness of the wood for both trays was 0.77 in. For the Second Tray, the Dimensions were 18 in by 13 in with a height of 2.5 in. The handles were carved in the sides and were placed in center.

Step 2: Sand the Wood Pieces

Using the hand sander and sand paper, sand the rough sides and edges to make them smooth.

Step 3: Cut the Middle Part of the Trays

Use Table saw to cut two pieces of Luan. Short Tray: 8 in by 14.25 in. Big Tray: 10.5 in by 17 in.

Step 4: Stain the Wood Pieces

I mixed dark and light stain to get the desired color.

Step 5: Glue the Sides of the Trays

Using wood glue and clamps, Glue the tray together.

Step 6: Sand the Outer Edges and Re-stain

Using a hand sander, and the corners and sides to smooth them After that, use any stain to re-stain the trays. I re-stained both the inside and the outside again using Golden Pecan stain.

Step 7: Apply Polyurethane

I applied two coats of Polyurethane on the front and sides. After the first coat, use the steel wool to smooth the rough sides. Brush the dust and then apply second coat. Keep it away from dust so the coating comes out smooth. Polyurethane on the back is optional.