Introduction: How to Make a Wood and Jasper Bracelet With Pearly Accents

This simple yet elegant adjustable bracelet was easy to make. Simply cut your beading wire to your desired length, add your adjustable clasp and your beads! 

I use the screw crimp system to hold the wire tight, and l added a dab of super glue up into the crimp for extra hold.

Wood circle beads
Natural green jasper beads
Creamy-white Czech seed beads
Beadalon Beading wire
Bead board (optional)
Super Glue

1. Cut the wire your desired length. I chose 7 inches, because I am using an adjustable clasp. 
2. Loop one end of your wire into your clasp. Bring the end down about 3cm. Slide the screw crimp up the length of your wire, and up over the small loose end. This is where I dab a little super glue up into the crimp. Using the tiny screwdriver, close the crimp by screwing in one of the tiny screws, tightly. 
3. Set your bead design up on a bead board, if desired. I think it helps keep you organized, at the very least. Add your beads to the wire. 
4. Repeat the clasp process on the other end of the wire. 

You have a stylish bracelet that can be worn with almost any type of clothing, and it is durable, too! 

I made a few for the ladies I used to work with, as going away gifts before I left to strike out on my own. They love wearing them to the office!

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