Introduction: Wooden Beer Bottle Holder

So for adults who like drinking, having one of these is an extreme must. You can buy one by searching online on amazon, eBay, craigslist or any other online shopping site, but if you like doing stuff yourself, then this guide is for you.

This product was originally made with a CNC woodcutter, so if you have that the better but if you don't then you can still do it with a saw. It's fine, it's just way slower than a woodcutter.

Tools Needed

CNC Woodcutter/Saw Belt Sander Wood Glue Tape Measure/Ruler/T-Square Varnish Metal Clamps (optional)

Wood list

35’’ x 20’’ plywood with a thickness of 17.5 mm 20’’ x 15’’ plywood with a thickness of 7.5 mm

Approximate Total Cost : ₱1300

*Approximate cost not including tools and other supplies like gloves, apron, protective gear, etc. This is a lot cheaper than buying ready-made paddies online as they range from around ₱2000 or 39 usd

Step 1: Download These Files (VCarve Files)

Download these files first

Open these files with your VCarve. Edit the dimensions to your liking.

My measurements are originally meant to hold a heineken bottle, so if you want to hold bigger bottles just make the dimensions bigger. A heineken bottle's base diameter is about 3 inches.

Just put the wood into the CNC, load up the files with your USB, then cut away!

Step 2: Cutting the Wood (Manually)

How to cut

You should first measure and mark the measurements on the wood you’re using, this makes it a lot easier because you have a general idea of where to cut. Make sure that you put the wood into a safe and sturdy surface, also make sure that you clamp the wood down tightly so that it doesn't shake or wobble around. Make sure you are wearing protective attire like gloves, a long sleeved shirt, an apron, and goggles. Wearing protective stuff is important because working with saws or sharp things in general is dangerous and you can't be too careful

These pictures show the exact measurements of the wood I cut. You can make this bigger or smaller to match your own tastes and preferences

Step 3: Sanding and Staining

After cutting the wood, use the belt sander to finely sand and smoothen the wood. Doing this makes the wood finer and better to hold, this also prevents the you from getting splinters since the belt sander removes stray wood that sticks out from the cuts.

Remember that you can sand as much as you want. I personally wanted my carrier to be more streamlined, that's why I really focused on sanding the edges making them more curvy.

After sanding as much as you want, use varnish or wood stain to turn the wood into any color you want. Doing this normally takes around 24-48 hours since you have to wait for the paint or varnish to dry.

Drying time varies on your preference also on the amount of paint/varnish used.

Personally, I used the wood stain shown after sanding the parts. I used it two times so I waited for about a day and a half for the it to dry off. After this, I assembled and attached the parts first before covering it with paint. The reason for this was because I didn't want the wood glue to be seen and this makes the final product look more professional because the lines in-between the parts wouldn't be seen.

Step 4: Assembly

You can get this steel bottle cap opener online. It costs about 800 php. I bought mine online

For assembling the wood, remember to wait for the wood glue to dry before attaching the other parts in.

First, I attached the sides to the base, i made sure that the base was exactly in the middle of the width of the sides. This was to make sure that when attaching the rails, the rails wouldn't stick out.

Second, I attached the rails to the sides. Remember to make sure that they are symmetrically attached so that it would be aesthetically pleasing.

Third, proceed to attach the separators between the sides of the bottle carrier. Make sure that the main separator is properly centered because this will provide the perfect amount of space for each bottle. If the main separator isn't properly attached then at least one of the bottles will not fit in the alotted space.

Last, I then attached the handle to the top of the sides. Make sure that they are centered properly. Be careful to not attach them too low as this will make your hand touch the bottle caps when grabbing the handle.

For attaching the bottle cap opener, you can put it wherever you like but I recommend putting it higher on the side of the carrier so when using it, the bottles wouldn't hit the platform that you put the carrier on.

I attached the bottle cap opener with a power drill and some screws.