Introduction: Wooden Bike Stand

About: After a degree in micro-engineering in Switzerland, I moved to Russia to discover new landscapes

Here is a simple wood-only bike stand. I use it to repair, paint or replace parts. All you need is some piece of wood, a saw and a chisel.

Step 1: Tools and Material


  • had saw
  • chisel
  • soft hamer
  • square edge
  • measuring tape


  • I used lumbers 4,5x2 cm but i recommend more to improve rigidity. (3 meters)
  • lumber 4x4x24 cm.
  • wood glue

Step 2: Cut the Parts

Choose the height and length of your stand and cut the parts. Mine is around 0,9 m high and 0.3 m length. Position it on the ground for a better visualisation. I used one part of 0,9 m for the vertical stand, one of 0,6 and one of 0,4 for the foot. One of 0,25 for the top and four 0,12 m for the square edges.

There is a mistake in the model I did: the feet are made with the lumber being on his large face. It has to be on the small face (90 degrees rotated) in order to have more rigidity.

Step 3: Cut the Slots

I basically used this technic for each join. I show you here how I did one of them. The slots depth are equals to the half of the lumber wideness except for the square edge insert which are 1cm.

  • draw the slot (you can use the other part to trace the lines)
  • cut with the saw perpendicularly the the lumber
  • remove the material between your cuts
  • englue the assembling faces and press them together

Step 4: Make the Clamping System

Draw a circle and cut it. The circle has to have his center outside the lumber in order to keep the two parts separate.

Now make the locker: Use the bike frame and the two part in place to draw the angled lines on the vertical locker then cut the trapezoidal slot.

When you push the vertical locker against the frame, it locks.