Introduction: Wooden Circle Ceiling Light

This is a very simple project for a minimalist design. But I like it :-)

I've used a cnc router to make the circle, because I have one and it is convenient. But I can be made with casual tools if you have skills.


  • 18mm oak plate
  • beautiful electric wire
  • e14 or e27 socket
  • a bulb light
  • 10mm hollow threaded tube (for the socket)
  • 3mm nylon screw
  • 3mm drill and tap

Step 1: Make the Circle

Make the circle : the outer diameter is 250mm, inner 210mm.

Drill a hole like on the photo, this will be used to pass the 10mm hollow tube.

Step 2: Set the Hollow Tube

Drill the 10mm hollow tube and tap it (3mm).

A nylon set screw will be used to fix the electric wires inside the tube.

Step 3: Assemble the Parts

  • Fix the electric wires inside the socket
  • Pass the wire inside the tube
  • Screw the tube to the socket
  • Screw the nylon set screw to fix the wire
  • Pass the tube through the wood
  • Assemble the ceiling rose according to the manual from of the manufacturer

Step 4: Finish

You will have a nice design. I didn't find the same online, so it is probably 100% original even if it is so simple. Like an apple ;-)

I will add photos as soon I will have time to fix it on my ceiling. But I couldn't wait to share this project with you.

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