Introduction: Wooden Dog Bed

Sleeping and resting are taken seriously by humans. And this should happen also for dogs. This project is a clear example of how it is possible to offer your dog a comfortable place -in an easy and suitable way for everyone.


If you want to treat your dog with an unforgettable sleep time, here you go. Just make sure you have all of this supplies:

  • screws (I used 7mm / 0.3 inches long torx screws);
  • wood impregnanting agent (I used );
  • beech wood thorns (used as a "stopper" to hide the screws in the wood);
  • beech wood panel (choose length and width you prefer, I used 2 pieces of 2x120x20 cm / 0.8x47x7.9 inches and 2 pieces of 2x66x20 cm / 0.8x26x7.9 inches);
  • poplar plywood panel (choose length and width you prefer, I used 1.5x116x66 cm / 6x45.7x26 inches);
  • 2 fir beams (4x5x100 cm / 1.6x2x39.4 inches);
  • wood glue (I used Vinavil);
  • a pillow;
  • a dog ;) .

And all of this tools:

  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • weights (I used plants);
  • jig saw;
  • sander / sanding paper;
  • brush;
  • clamp;screwdriver;drill.

Step 1: Frame

Screw and glue together the external frame of the bed, paying attention to keep 90 degrees angles between all the pieces. I drilled a core hole of the diameter of the screw in the deepest part, to not crack the wood, and a core hole using the diameter of the screw's head to hide completely the screw under the beech wood thorns. I decided to use heavy objects to keep in position what I had glued together, despite the fact that it wasn't really necessary.

Step 2: Guideline

To make the bed more accessible, I decided to create an entrance.

A small vase and a ruler were necessary to design it. You are free to copy my creation or to personalize your own.

Step 3: Cut Off

Following the guideline I had drawn before, I cut off the wood with the jig saw. Clamping a piece of wood to keep

the two parts aligned helped me avoiding a rough and inaccurate cut.

Step 4: Main Structure

The "walls" are ready; this step involves the bottom of the bed. The panel is embedded in the frame, 3 cm from the

bottom. Under the panel the two fir beams keep it up 5 cm from the floor and the walls 2 cm from the floor.

Step 5: Sanding

Sanding is a very important step to make the structure look better and be more secure -without sharp edges.

Step 6: Finishing

Wood is subject to many external factors that can ruin its appearance, so using a wood impregnating agent

protects it and make it look better.

Step 7: Pillow

To make it more comfortable, a pillow is the best solution.

Step 8: Enjoy!

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