Introduction: Wooden Family Name Crossword Sign

With maple wood i customed cut my own wood blocks 3 1/2x 3 1/2 " each

Step 1: Getting It All Layed Out and Preview

I first had several 3 and half by 3 an half wood blocks cut from an old piece of maple i had i made extras in case there was a problem with one i have backups i then layed out my supplies in my work area so i could then begin to design the letters using alphabet stencils from any retail hobby store i traced each letter to each family members name on each square wood block

Step 2: Wood Burning the Letters

Once i finished tracing each letter i used my wood burner tool which i bought at walmart with the many tip varieties to carefully burn each letter into the wood u can also paint the letters or even use stickers instead of burning them once thats done i check for any scuff marks or touch ups i may see an fix then i begin to lay the names out to connect in way to resemble a crossword puzzle if have difficulty there are word generators online that can help with the layout

Step 3: In the Meantime....

After i got my layout with each name i set them aside and with the 2 dresser drawer wood side pieces i take them an spray paint them brown to kinda match up with the burnt brown of each letter

Step 4: Putting Each Block Together

While my 2 dresser drawer side pieces dry i take wood glue an clamps of all sizes and with just 2 at a time even 3 only ill glue each letter in order at a time and ill continue to do that as they dry doing only 2-3 at a time

Step 5: The Signs

While the wood blocks dry i take the 2 dresser drawer pieces and hand write my own unique crossword title and the answer clues too i use a gold metallic paint pen so it match better wit the colors i also use it to outline the edges around each block giving it that individual square look thats in a crossword puzzle design once everything has dried completely i mark the spots in which to hang each sign with the fishing line i drill small holes then screw in the eyehooks adding some beads to give it alittle more detail after that i take the acrylic protective coat an using a paint brush i cover front an back of both the signs an the letter block names so they are well coated

Step 6: Finished

Soon as it all drys completely i then tie the fishing line to each eyehook once hav the top sign leveled and done i will then hang it up to do the bottom sign helping to keeo it leveled together then ill step back make any touch ups or adjust any hooks and finished ready to hang for all to see a simple different unique family sign made of wood

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