Introduction: Wooden Foot Stool

I designed a foot stool, what inspired me to build this as my project was just one day I decided what if I didn't have to sit at my desk to do my work all the time. Why not make a foot stool to rest my feet while I'm reading, working, or even to take a nap?

The stool is designed to rest your legs in a comfortable position and I even provided a soft padding so that your feet won't be resting on straight wood.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

The materials that you will need to complete this project are:
- 2' x 4' Hardboard of Wood

- 2" x 6" x 4' Premium Lumber Wood

- 12 x 8 Piece of Felt (Color Preferred)

- Wood Glue

- Straight edge for Measuring (Ruler)

- Pen, Marker, or Pencil

- Saw Machines

- 4 (3/4in) Screws & 4 (2in) Screws

- Drill

-Super 77 (Adhesive Spray)

Step 2: Cut the Wood Materials

First, you want to cut the hardboard material into two 12 x 8 pieces using the saw.

Then grab the longer plank of wood and cut it into 4 pieces that will be 5 inches long, these will serve as the legs.

Using the same plank of wood cut 4 longer pieces of wood that reach 12 inches, these will add support for the top and bottom layer of hardboard.

Lastly, you would use the saw to cut the supports for the stool, and they will reach the length of 15 inches.

Step 3: Start Assembling

Start by grabbing two legs and one of the support pieces and drilling them into each other with the 2in screws, do the same with the opposite side.

When you finished drilling in both sides grab one of the 12 x 8 pieces of hardboard and drill them together using the 3/4in screws, and repeat with the other segment.

Step 4: Gluing the Pieces Together

The base is now completed, next you want to grab the four 12in pieces of wood and glue them to the top of the hardboard. Let it sit for about 15-20min.

You may want to apply some weight to the pieces as they harden from the glue.

Now you want to grab the second piece of hardboard and glue that on top of the pieces of wood, and let that sit for about the same amount of time.

Step 5: Apply the Felt

After letting the glue harden you want to grab the piece of felt and the adhesive spray. Apply the spray first then lay out your piece of felt.

You have now completed the Wooden Foot Stool.