Introduction: Wooden Hanger Lamp

Here is a repurposed use for wooden hangers. In my previous iterations of this project I've been inspired by a pelagic marine mollusc called the Nautilus, which is where the design of this lamp comes from.

Step 1: Wooden Hangers

I had an abundance of wooden hangers left over for a spring cleaning so I thought to recreate a lamp I had made previously.

This project will only take 15 hangers, make sure to have them all matching in style.

Step 2: Break Down Hangers

Use small pliers to remove the hook and wooden dowel from each hanger.

Step 3: Cut Down Wood Hangers

Using your mitre saw chop the hangers in 1/2.

Then set your mitre saw to 45 degrees and make two cuts per side.

Step 4: Form the Angle /\

Using wood glue join the two small parts of the frame together and set aside to dry.

Step 5: Prep the Lamp Parts

Using a wood block, cut out the center with a router to fit a light cord kit.

Then using a brad nailer, join the re-worked frame parts onto the wood block and prep for painting.

Step 6: Paint the Frames

Spray paint the re-assembled frames on both sides.

Step 7: Add the Cord Kit

Screw in the bulb and cord into the lamp.

Step 8: Finished Lamp

....and that's a wrap.