Introduction: Wooden-Mallet

This is a 2-3 hour (tops) instructable on how to create a simple wooden mallet for your woodcarving-working chores.
I didn't spend any time on finding the best wood but only the appropriate ratio for the mallet handle and head.

FYI this one is made of poplar which is probably not suitable for a mallet but this is what I found at the time.

I also needed to see if I could actually make a mallet which could get the job done and it does. So this is my 1st try ever so go easy on the comments dudes.

Step 1: Choosing the Wood

My choice was poplar at the weight(head) length(handle) ratio which I had in mind for a general purpose wooden mallet.

Step 2: Remove the Bark

This is a matter of choice. Not really a mandatory step. It will reduce the final mallet weight though and it will prevent accidental chipping of the wood which is annoying.

Step 3: Sand Head and Handle

This is also an optional step. Depends on the look and feel you want to give to your final piece.

Sanding the handle a bit will make softer on your hands and will prevent blisters.

Step 4: Drill the Handle Hole

This is my way of attaching the handle to the head so take your time and drill a hole in the top-center side of your mallet with a flat-wood (spade) bit very slowly to avoid cracking of the head.

Drilling slowly will give you a very smooth tunnel inside the head of your mallet.

I used a 30mm drill-bit to make mine.

Step 5: Fit the Handle

Before inserting the handle in the mallet head you need to create a vertical cut with a saw on top of the handle.

This cut will create a gap which will be filled with a little wooden or metal chock to act as a safety lock for the head.

Unfortunately I forgot to photograph in detail this step so check out my conceptual drawings to understand how this step is accomplished.

After making the vertical saw-cut you are ready to fit the handle in the head and hammer down the pin.

Step 6: Sand Some More...

The final step is also optional.

You can sand your mallet some more and overlay some beeswax.

That's it! You made it! Congrats!