Introduction: Wooden Pallet Shed 3.6m Long X 3.0m Wide X 2.4 Ishhh M High

I was looking to get a large shed in my garden and after pricing them online and in stores such as B&Q I decided im not paying that it was so expensive for a crap flimsy shed!!!! I have done heaps of projects with wooden pallets like a table, wine rack etc but nothing this big but I though what the heck ill try it!

Step 1: Step 2 Aquire / Bribe Staff

I cast my net far and wide do get help but all friends seemed to be busy hahah usual! Granny and Grandpa only required beer and chocolates as a bribe and my son Lukas a Spiderman action figure. Who says you cant get good staff these day!

Step 2: Step 3 "All About That Base Bout That Base"

I should actually say I started to "Acquire" wooden pallets in the cover of darkness 2 weeks prior to the build and store in my front drive. In total I needed 29! (all evidence cannot be used in a court of law). we started the build by levelling off a base of 9 pallets with blocks and timber planks. I know I should have put down a DPC but hay ho I didn't the shed will still be here in 10 years so ill be happy. I then sheeted the floor again from recycled wood I got from a builders merchant as off cuts for free.

Step 3: Step 4 Walls

The walls where stacked 3 pallets high and trimmed to form a sloped roof. The pallets are held together with flat plates and L plates to the floor which cost around £7 (£10) in total for the full build. Doors spaces where also trimmed out front and rear.

Step 4: Step 5 Roof , Sheeting and Painting

Here is the big cost of the built timber for the roof and sheeting this cost me £170 ($260) from my local timber merchant. The roof was simple timber beams length ways over the structure with batons in between. We also done a slight overhang at the front as an after thought so this was braced again with timber. The whole structure was sheeted with OSB board and painted with super waterproof paint. The roof was then sheeted with felt nailed into place and doors and locks attached ( I used old doors from renovating my house). I would say the paint cost me approx £15 ($22) and the felt was £40 ($60) giving a total of £225 ($340). this got so much clutter out my house you wouldn't believe its full already. I think we need to dig a basement hahhaah