Introduction: Wooden Practice Joints

I was getting tired of having to repeat myself and continually going over instructions sooooooo time for an instructable.

Step 1: Things/tools You Will Need

600 mm of dressed 65x19 Pine

Marking gauge

300 mm steel rule

45/90 set square


Wood rasp

Tennon saw

Bench block

Spur point drill

Step 2: Mitered Corner Halving Joint


mark a 45 degree angle using the set square

where the 45 degree intersects with the edge mark 90 degrees

using the marking guage mark half way, 9.5mm

using a tennon saw cut down to the line on the 90 degree line cut the remaining end of at 45 degrees

ALWAYS try to leave pencil lines on as cutting lines of will cause loose joints

measure 120 mm down from the other end using set square and cut off

on the 120mm end mark and cut at 45 degrees

measure half way down and remove the other half of the joint

use a wood rasp to ensure the joint is flat and level

TIP when cutting the 45 degree angle make sure you cut the correct side or you will end up with a straight joint

Step 3: Dovetail Joint


cut another piece from the end at 120mm

measure down the thickness of the timber and using a square mark a line on all sides

using the marking guage measure, set to 9.5, mark the end 45mm end and sides of the timber

cut half of the 45mm end off

turn the timber over and using the 90-degree line 45 mm down mark in 12mm from each end

using a ruler draw the taper

using tenon saw cut the taper

measure down 45mm from the last joint and draw a 90 degree line across the face of the timber

Step 4: Mortice and Tennon Joint

Step 5: Dowell Joint

Step 6: Assembly

Step 7: Completed