Introduction: Wooden Sign to Add Fun to Your House

This wooden sign made with wood from unclaimed pallets will bring some fun to your house.

I made it for my 40 years old birthday party.

Step 1: What Do You Need and Start

To do this, you need :

  • Some pieces of wood (from unclaimed palettes or not) to make several wooden arrows.
  • A saw or another tool to cut the wood.
  • A sander or sandpaper to sand down all the pieces of wood.
  • A screwdriver and screws.
  • Good designs.
  • A transfer tool.

First, cut the pieces of wood to have several wooden arrows. Different lengths is better.

To create a wooden arrow (see the image) :

  1. Measure the height of the piece of wood and draw the middle of it (in red).
  2. Draw a line at about 15 cm from the end (in green).
  3. Draw two lines from the middle point to each of the line's end (in blue).

Step 2: Prepare Your Texts and Graphs

With your favorite image editor ( for example), prepare your texts and graphs.

For example, mines are :

  • Saturday night fever
  • Normal is boring
  • Don't forget to have fun
  • Don't worry, be happy
  • I Love Rock and Roll
  • Sing It
  • Dance floor

Don't hesitate to add graphs, to change the font, to vary colors and alignment.

Be aware of the size of your wooden pieces.

If you are not comfortable with an image editor or if you love my designs, you can download the attached PDF witch contains my designs.

Step 3: Print Your Creations

Now it's time to print your creations.

You have to print them with a laser printer (not inkjet) and your images have to be flipped horizontally (mirror image).

Step 4: Transfer Images to Wooden Pieces

To transfer laser printed images I use a tool called transfer tool from Wall Len.

You can see it on the firm site:

It is a small heating tool.

You can also use your iron without steam but it's less precise and more difficult.

First fix the side of your image upside down with sticky paper on the wood (like here on the photos).

Note that it is easier to do with just a part of your creation at a time. So you can divide your creation into smaller pieces.

Once your design is in the right place, gently pass the tool or your iron on the back, bit by bit, step by step. Verify if the transfer is good by lifting the paper. If not, put the paper back and continue.

If the paper stick on the wood, add more heat on it.

Pay attention not to burn the paper or the wood.

Step 5: Transfer All the Designs and Verify

Transfer all your designs onto the pieces of wood.

Verify your work by placing the pieces in the order you want.

Step 6: Fix Them All

When all the parts are ready it's time to fix them.

Take two more pieces of wood from unclaimed pallets. Try to have the same thickness for them.

Place them like on the first photo so they are perpendicular to the first arrow and fix them with screws.

Pay attention at the length of the screws so they don't get through the wood thickness but they are long enough to fix the arrow.

Add the others arrow the same way.

Step 7: Work Complete

Your work is complete.

Enjoy and have fun.

REM : If you see any mistakes, tell me english is not my mother tongue.

If you enjoy this work don't hesitate to vote for me. Thanks.

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