Introduction: Wooden Skate Pool

let's pimp the mini ramp with a bit of pool curves!!

Step 1: Lay Out

first we started with the mini ramp, 1 meter high, 2.5meter wide and a radius of 2111 mm, we made 2 transitions out of one popular plywood board ( 1.22 m x 2.5 m)

the radius was drawn using a long stick with 2 nails or screw's trough it at a distance mentionned above

Step 2: Work in Progress

putting beams between the vertical plates en mount the tubing

Step 3: Putting on the Deck Plates

Step 4: Then for the Curved Corners ..

when i have to do something difficult i Always try to make a model at 1/10 scale so it's very easy to find flaw's or take measurements from that..

then i construct it in cardboard to get a real like feeling..

Step 5: Cut Out Plan

so for the mini itself i got 2 section's out of one plate, but with a bit of thinking i could get 4 sections !!

the holes i cut out will be used on top of the base pieces so i get the same height of the mini..

Step 6: Here You See the Base Pieces With the Cut Out's on Top

Step 7: Time to Put the Sides Together, It's Starting to Look Like a Curve!!

Step 8: Drawing the Same Radius on the Rib's

the sides are cut at 7.5° to fit snug on the transition sides

Step 9: Mounting the Supports for the Rib's

these also double to get some extra thickness of the transition's, when i put the sheets on this gives me extra place to put screw's in..

Step 10: 1 Section of Rib's Completed

Step 11: Fully Ribbed..

Step 12: The Pool Deck

now it's get getting interesting,

i measured for an hour or so to make a model plate (white) so i just had to lay it on the plywood draw around it and cut

i wasn't to happy with the seems so for the second layer i did it another way

after mounting the first pizza point, i put the second slice a bit over the first one, then cut the first one with a Multi saw, so this way they fit rather seemless..

Step 13: So Here We Have the Base Ready With 2 Layers of 8 Mill Plywood, the Rest Will Be Done After Mounting on the Ramp

i've put a metal wire around the top's so i can lay a cardboard on it to draw the radius for the coping

Step 14: Fit's Good, Now Putting on Some More Plates.