Geodesic Dome Sauna




Introduction: Geodesic Dome Sauna

this is a try to make a sauna out of a geodesic dome, i didn't find one on the internet so maybe i'm first haha

Step 1: First I Made a Model to See If All Dimensions Are Correct..

Step 2: Time to Start Creating

since a geodesic dome exist out of 5 angles and 6 angels i started with making those..

i made corner holders out of metal tubing and the grey stuf in between is laminated scrapwood left over from work

time to put the little dome together and weld the metal pieces to each other ..

Step 3: Testing Out the Dimensions

now i can make the dome every size i want
i just have to change the lenght of the beams

110cm is the ideal length for me..

just testing out with some tarps to get the overal feeling

Step 4: Final Build Up With the Point Roof on Top

it takes about 30 minutes to put the dome together alone..

Step 5: Another Try Out to Make the Entry

this entry is also made in miniature to test the dimensions

Step 6: Made Some Reinforcements in the Six Angles

Step 7: Finaly the Real Deal, Starting in Januari 2017 in the Corner of My Friends Yard

Step 8: Putting the Entry Together

Step 9: Putting the Membrane Around the Construction

Step 10: Putting the Sideboards Together

Step 11: Time for Some Isolation

Step 12: Timber!!

Step 13: Begin Februari, Better Weather, Finishing the Outside

Step 14: Making Concrete Tiles With Color Pigment

Step 15: Welding the Sauna Rocket Stove

Step 16: This Is a Project Still in Progress, So Check Reagularly for Updates..

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    2 Discussions

    Wow, very good job, I was not expecting that after see the first "render" but the finished pictures are really impresive, very good job.


    2 years ago

    Fabulous!! especially the "tree", nice touch.