Introduction: Wooden Spinning Tops Out of Recycled Skateboards

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Hello everyone,

In this instructables I will show you how you can make this simple but beautiful spinning tops. I made them out of old skateboards.

Step 1: The Wheel

To start drill 32mm wheels with the holesaw. I'm using old skateboards, but you can also use regular wood.

I'm sanding of the graphics of the skateboards on the belt sander.

Use a 6mm bolt and nut to put the wheel into your drill. Then round over the wheel on the belt sander. Turn the wheel around and round over the other side.

You can use the griptape of the skateboard to sand the wheel smooth.

Step 2: The Dowel

You'll need a 6mm dowel to put into the wheel, so sand it smooth.

Give the dowel a 'top' with the belt sander and the drill.

Put some glue into the wheel and glue it onto the dowel.

And your spinning top is ready to spin!

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Thank you!