Introduction: Wooden Storage Box

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This instructable will show you the basic concept behind the construction of this box. These boxes can be different sizes but this one is roughly 32in×17in×18in

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials Needed
2 boxes of 1 1/4in wood screws 50
3 hinges (what ever you decide)
4 18in×4in panel board
2 1in×2in×6ft
1 clasp hinge

pocket hole jig
miter saw
table saw
tape measure

Step 2: Cut the Boards and Drill Pocket Holes

Cut the 4 panel boards into 32in lengths. Use the pocket hole jig on the two of the excess boards left from the 32in cuts and drill on the on short ends (about 16in) and two of the 18in ends. Use the pocket hole jig on two of the 32in panels only on one of the 32in sides.

Step 3: Making the Frame

screw the pieces together. I used clamps to hold pieces together but it's not necessary. After all 4 pieces are connected, place the frame on one of the left over 32in panels. Mark the excess and cut off with table saw. Screw frame onto your new base. measure the height on the side and cut the 1x2x6 to size (4 pieces) and screw them on from the inside.

Step 4: Lid, Handles, and Hardware

Lay the last panel on the top of your box and mark it and cut it just like you did the base. cut 2 6in pieces from the 1x2x6 and these will be the handles. measure how high you want to have the handles and screw them into place from the inside. Place the hardware in the places you want them and screw into place. lastly measure the short length of the lid and cut 2 pieces to that length out of the 1×2×6. Use the miter saw to cut the ends at 45 degree angles. Screw them on the lid from inside.

Step 5: Done

Just like that you're done! Made this for a coworker and he wanted to stain it so I don't have a picture of it stained but I can guarantee you that it looks a lot better stained.

Step 6:

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