Introduction: Wooden Toy Biplane

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Hello guys!

In this instructable I will show you how you can make a wooden toy biplane! It's relatively easy to make!

The plans of this biplane:

You can watch the video over here:

Step 1: Step 1: Body of the Biplane

Transfer the pattern onto a log of wood and cut out the shape onto the bandsaw.

I'm first doing the sideview. I'm also cutting out some space to fit in the bottom wing. And then I'm cutting out the top view.

A bandsaw leaves a lot of marks behind, so afterwards I'm sanding it smooth on the belt sander.

Step 2: Step 2: the Wings

For the wings I'm using 10mm thick pine. But you can use the wood you like or that you have laying around. First I'll cut them out on the bandsaw and then I'm using double sided tape to clamp them together. Now I can sand them smooth on the belt sander at the same time.

Now you need to mark 4 holes for 8mm dowels in both wings. Don't drill them all the way down.

You can make your own wooden dowels as seen on the picture.

You'll need 4 dowels 8mm and 1 dowel 6mm. The lenght of the 8mm dowels is 10cm.

Step 3: Step 3: the Smaller Parts of the Biplane

For the wheelsupports I used 10mm thick pine. For the axle you'll need a 7mm hole.

You can give some shape to the propeller with the dremel. Drill a 4mm hole in the propeller for a screw and countersink it.

The wheels: 1cm thick, diameter 27mm

The backwings: 7mm thick pinewood.

Step 4: Step 4: the Assembly

Glue it all together with woodglue. And drill a 3mm hole in the body, for the screw of the propeller.

Step 5: I CAN FLY

And with a little imagination your wooden toy biplane can fly! :)