Introduction: Wooden Wallet

I saw some "futuristic" wallets on YouTube and wanted to see if I could actually make one. I'm not very good at planning what I'm going to make so I just went for it.

Items needed:
your choice of wood,
plexy glass,
sand paper,
small screws,

Step 1:

I chose a piece of walnut scrap I had laying around my shop. the walnut is about 3/4 thick and a little wider than a credit card.

Step 2: Resaw

next step was resaw the piece of wood in half and mark out the slots for cutting, the cut was not at all what I wanted, it is a little off center and the cut was not strait. I used a band saw to cut the wood, you could use a hand saw or a table saw.

Step 3: Pockets

For this step I used a routing bit on my dremel tool. the lines I drew were guide lines. I wanted each pocket to accommodate at least three credit cards. I didn't really have any measurements to go off of, I just eyeballed the depth. when I finished carving out the pockets I refined the edges with an exacto knife.

Step 4: Gluing

The next step was pretty simple. glue the pieces back together.

Step 5: Plexy Glass Cover

I had a piece of plexy glass laying around my shop, it was pretty annoying. I cut a piece of plexy out by tracing it with the walnut. it cut pretty well on my band saw, it was a standard wood saw blade. I found some small screws that were about 3/4 inch long. I drilled four holes in the plexy glass into the walnut with drill press. finally I added the screws so it was all one piece.

Step 6: Finger Notch

Next I wanted to add a finger notch so it would be easier to retrieve the cards. First I found the center of the plexy glass then traced a trapezoid into the bottom. I then took it to the band saw again and cut it out. finally I took my dremel tool again with a sanding wheel to rounded over all the edges. I then took the plexy glass off and gave the walnut a coat of spray eurathane.

Step 7: Fin

Finished, boom! The wallet is complete and it works quite well for the cards I carry. it is a little large but it was a first try so I think it works. if I had a CNC machine the results would bee different bit I'm happy with it for now.